Ride like a pro!

"It's really cool to be able to show people the sport of freeskiing and to give them a chance to pull off tricks that even I can only imagine doing in real-life. I think every action sports fan and gamer will have a blast playing the game." Sammy Carlson

Always wanted to shred like Sammy Carlson and Gerome Matthieu, keen to throw down some tricks like Willie Borm and Kai Mahler, well now you have the chance! Also featuring new APO team riders, Sage Kotsenburg and Spencer O’Brien, this 3D freestyle ski and snowboard game is available for all iOS and android devices from itunes.com and play.google.com for just $1.99.

The game will have you cruising through the super parks at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, Mammoth Mountain, California, Livigno Carosello 3000 in Italy and Les Crosets, Switzerland.

"I’m pumped to be riding for a company like APO", said Sammy Carlson, 2011 Winter X-Games Slopestyle Gold Medalist. ‘It’s really cool to be able to share freeskiing and snowboarding with people on their hand-held devices, especially with people who may have never actually tried the sport in real life. I think every action sports fan and gamer will enjoy playing this game."

The game allows you to pull of sick tricks and combos, using a variety of park features whilst all the time you are earning in-game cash to redeem on in-game upgrades and gear, or for discount coupons that can be used in the real world to buy APO skis and snowboards!

As if this wasn’t enough you can also play against your buddies using the multiplayer mode via facebook or gamecentre. APO snow will record your in-game data and send to your friends so you can compete against each other as one of the APO pros.

So, when you’ve finished your days shred there’s no need to stop there. Transport yourself to one of our featured parks and keep on throwing down through the night!


6 pro riders

Sammy carlson
Sage Kotsenburg
Kai mahler
Spencer O’brien
Gerome Mathieu
Willie Borm

12 levels

Mt bachelor
Mammoth Mountain
Livigno Carosello 3000
Les crosets



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